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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Bicycles - Need I Say More

My few paintings of bicycles have sold and I am intrigued. What draws people to certain images over others? Is it the connection to a childhood memory or a romantic notion of where a bike can take you?

I partly painted the pictures from a connection to my new home in the Okanagan Valley. Cycling is a popular pastime here (which I have not yet fully embraced!) I love the idea of jumping on a bike and just going - on a romantic adventure or on a search for the beauty I would miss whizzing by in a car. It is a slower (for me!) way to move through my world.

Yes, there is also a connection to my youth. Many summer days between Grades 8 and 9, I hopped on my bike to just disappear into my own world. I frequently ended up in a beautiful park about 30 minutes from town and wandered through a woodland filled with solitude and babbling brooks. I can still see it and smell it. In my small town then, in Glenboro, Manitoba, and now, in Osoyoos, I find the sense of a day interrupted when riding a bike and just going with the flow, melding into the landscape and stopping on a whim. There will be more bicycle pictures - I am sure. In the meantime, my original two are available on 5 X 7 cards. More information to follow!

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