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All paintings are unframed and unmatted. Shipping is not included and will be calculated at the time of order. Payment can be arranged by email at this time - I will get more sophisticated soon!! Email:

Note: Most paintings are available on 5 X 7 art cards at $5 ea or 5 for $20 (includes envelope).

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Updated Gallery of Paintings

Please contact me at if you are interested in more information about a painting. You can also access my paintings on Facebook at  or at  Hope to hear from you!

Peachy Spring

Winter Vienyard

Italian Dreamscape

Backyard Gang: Who's the New Guy   SOLD

Vineyard by the Lake 1


Muslim Market in Xien


Exotic Hummingbird

Afternoon Escape

Urban Family of Man


Golden Timbre SOLD

Golden Afternoon in Gyro Park

Peach Blossom Journey



Surely Today

Frosted 2

Here Comes the Sun

Vineyard by the Lake 2      Sold

A Tulameen River Afternoon

Rustico Ramblings

Cycling on Lakeshore Drive


Cycling on Cottonwood Drive

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